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From my childhood years, I have enjoyed experimenting in areas such as electronics, wireless and biology. The restoration and repair of equipment, vehicles, machinery and furniture are also activites I've long enjoyed. Unfortunately, rarely were photos taken. There is a chance that a handful of photos of other past experiments survive but if they do, they are buried away among family photos I have not yet sorted through.

The first restoration project I did for which I have photo's of is a tractor that my younger brother and I rebuilt during high school.

For the moment, I'll just add links on this page as I build out a record of "free time" projects and experiments that I have some photographic record of. I'm still sorting through old family photos and may stumble across others worth posting. I may also add a "How to" section for recent projects and experiments I have a more complete record of but first want to finish getting through all the old family photo's.


This section is where I'll build out over time a record of technical hobbies such as wireless, electronics, etc.

Trail Camera

Miracle Fruit

Plasma Speaker


This section is where I'll post a record over time of restoration and fix-up type hobby activities.

Ford tractor rebuild

Fixer Upper


Guinea Fowl

Operation Catnip

Fabarc Steel

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