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Access Keys

To assist keyboard navigation of this site, the following access keys are available:

The above list follows generally accepted practice for navigational access key usage. As content on this site expands, additional access keys will be implemented.

Browser Support

All popular browsers support access keys. They also treat access keys differently. A few examples of how different browsers on Windows platforms would treat the access key to the site map page are:

Internet Explorer

Press the Alt key, keep holding it down and press the 3 key. You will see the link to the site map page highlighted. To continue to the site map page, press enter.


Press and hold down the Alt key, the shift key and the 3 key. You will be taken directly to the site map page.


For Google Chrome version 3 and higher on Windows, pressing the Alt key and the 3 key will take you directly to the sitemap page.


For Safari users on Windows, pressing and holding the Alt key and 3 key will take you directly to the site map page.


For Opera users on Windows, pressing and holding the Shift key followed by the Esc key will cause a map of the access key map for the current page to appear. Pressing the 3 key will then highlight the Access Key link. Pressing Enter will take you to the Access Key page.

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